Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas and all other events

So its taken me over two months to update this blog. Lizzie's first Christmas was a smash. She liked the presents, bright colors, but most of all the wrapping paper! She did have a terrible accident with a small souvenir metal cannon which landed on her head in the middle of opening presents. After about 5 minutes she was calmed down enough to finish opening the rest of the presents. A bonus to it all she did not even get a bruise on her head.

Elizabeth had tons of fun over the Holiday weeks playing with her Uncles, learning to eat veggies, and sit up by herself. Jai has been on break for the Holidays from school so he was able to spend tons of time with the family and baby. He goes back this coming Monday to start the new semester. I have been back at work after the holidays. Its been a little slow but that makes it nice to do end of the year clean up and filing.

One of Lizzie's favorite new toy has to be her blocks which she loves knocking down while we pile them on top of her. I think she just likes the noise they make when they fall all over the place. The other new thing that she like tons are dogs and cats. Unfortunately they usually do not like her back. Maybe it is because she smells like a baby or that she hits them instead of petting them at the moment. Everytime they walk by she is totally intrigued by them. Maybe one day they will love her back.