Monday, September 29, 2008

September, in summary

"Drinking" Dr. Pepper

So some months I keep up to date on my blog, and others I do not do as well. I know its been a month since my last entry, (I told you I would get around to it Kelli...;) but really my life is REALLY boring. So here is a summary of the most boring month of the year...

Lizzie had another doctor's appointment about mid month. She was 19 lbs., 15 oz. Add a diaper and some clothes to that makes about 20 lbs, just enough for a forward facing car seat. So we finally got her one. We anticipated that she would LOVE it, but our dreams were smashed when she acted like it was just another day, nothing special. Go figure.

One of the other things we have learned about Lizzie is that she CAN walk by herself, but she WONT. When she is with her older cousins playing around she will walk everywhere. When she is playing with us she will just crawl. So frustrating!!!

I do have to thank all of you who have music on your blogs. When I want to check my email all I have to do is pull up one of your pages and Lizzie will dance to the music until I am done. It is really funny to see her bopping up and down to the music she likes.

Jai is in his last semester at the local community college. He will have two Associate Degrees come December. He is applying to schools all over the West for January and next Fall. We will see what happens next.

As for myself I have just been working, working out, and doing other various activities. We just had our Primary presentation on Sunday which went rather well. Trying to control six Sunbeams is really a hilarious job. I have also gotten hooked on the following book series.

I read all four books in nine days (which is over a total of 2200 pages). I know, I know totally out of control. I read every spare second I had trying not to neglect my child TOO much, or my household chores, and I stayed up WAY too late for having to work every morning. I actually perfected the art of working out at the gym and reading a book at the same time. It really is harder than it sounds. I am really pathetic. Now I am looking for another book/series to read. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

That is just about it for our pretty mundane life. We are looking forward to having the house almost to ourselves for two weeks in October while my parents are in Greece. We are also excited about two of my cousins getting married within two weeks of each other!! Hopefully I can find a fluffy dress for Lizzie.

Peace out, Homie-G.

Yes this is really my kid in a tutu