Thursday, May 22, 2008

Water baby

This weekend we took Lizzie swimming for the first time. We took her once to our friend's swimming pool and then to the pool next to my parent's house. I was a little worried about how she would react to it, since I wanted to have her 1st birthday party at the pool.

She absolutely LOVED it!!!!

She tried to drink the water and sit down at the bottom of the kiddie pool. It was a great success. Looks like the pool party is a go at the end of July!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day

This year was my first Mother's Day. It was really nice. I got an MP3 player from my little family and celebrated the rest of the day with both my family and Jai's. For Jai's mom we went out to eat at her favorite Cuban restaurant in the Valley. It was fun to hang out with the entire family that is out here in California.

Cousin Jordyn with Aunt Jessie

Cousin Kassidy

Uncle Brian with Cousin Kendall

Abuelita with Cousin Jackson and Jai with Elizabeth

With my parents, my sister made breakfast and Craig, myself, and my dad made dinner. The funniest part was the dessert, it was a four layer whipped cream coconut disaster. My dad started making it, but does not do baked goods. About five minutes into putting the frosting on he got completely frustrated so Michelle and I tried to fix it with about two dozen toothpicks and serving it up as fast as we possibly could.

Video Killed the Radio Star...

My brother Craig's camera takes video which is really nice. So here is an edited video of Lizzie playing around and trying to pose for the camera. I think she's hillarious.