Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I think my blogging and my husband's school quarters are connected. When he's in school, I have NO time to blog. Here are a few pictures of decorating our Christmas tree. I will update you all when I have a little more time (hopefully before next quarter starts in January)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lizzie Tales

Two funny Lizzie stories:

So I was giving Lizzie a bath the other night. After doing all the necessary things a bath entails I let her play for about 15 minutes before I drained the bath water. We have found that we would NEVER get her out of the tub if the water was still in there. Well after the water was all gone we did our normal bribe-Lizzie-with-a-movie-so-she-gets-out-of-the-tub thing. This was the first night that it failed...
Us: Want to watch Beauty and the Beast?
Her: No, no, no, no.
U: Toy Story
Her: No, no, no, no.
U: Nacho Libre
Her: No, no, no, no.
Not one movie was acceptable. So I sat there for 10 minutes offering other things every once in awhile still getting the same response: No, no, no, no. So then I got a book and read for another 20 minutes with my suggestions still getting the No, no, no, no. Finally after 30 minutes of no water in the tub Jai came in and offered grapes to her and she accepted!!!

Just this morning Lizzie was finishing her churro from dinner last night. She handed it to Jai while I changed her diaper but would not take it back afterwards. I told her if she didn't take it daddy would eat it. And so he did. Five minutes later she goes to Jai looking for her churro. When we told her he ate it she started whining and crying. I told her that if she wanted to cry over her churro that she would have to go to her own bed and cry about it there. And she did just that!! She walked quietly to her room and laid down on her bed and started crying about her churro. Then after 30 seconds she got up came back into the room and gave Jai a hug and a kiss and went about her business. It was so funny!! I never expected that she would actually do what I told her!

Pictures and stuff

I guess my working and blogging are directly related to each other. The more I work the less I blog.

Many things have happened in the last month and a half. Charlotte had her two month appointment. She was 12 lbs and 7.2 oz (90%) 22 inches (50%) and her head is in the 50%. So basically she is a chunk.

Lizzie also had an appointment the same day with a allergist. Basically it comes down to that she is severely allergic to nuts (especially peanuts) and that she has bad seasonal allergies. For her nut allergy we have to now carry an Epi pen around with her at all times.

We also went to a Dodger game with my company (Lizzie, Jai, and myself) The Dodgers lost but we had a really great time in the all you can eat section!! Lizzie even had a great time trying to hold hands and kiss the little boy sitting next to us. It was absolutely adorable!!!

We also had Charlotte's blessing at the beginning of September. I was absolutely terrible about taking pictures so here is one of the two that I have of that day. We had a great time with the family that came into town for it.

We also ate at Bob's Big Boy sometime during the past month and a half after visiting Jai's school for some needed paperwork.

The pictures below are from a grocery store trip one day. Lizzie picked out her entire outfit. She thought she was super cool and loved the attention that everyone gave her for her outfit. Just in case you can't read it the shirt says "Everyone loves a princess" It made for one of our best shopping trips in months. Lizzie gets very upset that she can't sit in the shopping cart because Charlotte is there and so throws a fit right at the front doors to our local Food 4 Less.

Here are two picture of Charlotte that I took today. I figure I need to add a few more of her since most of the pictures are about Lizzie. Char char is getting more fun. She is smiling all the time and giggling. Jai just found out she is ticklish, when in the right mood. She loves watching Lizzie and you can tell loves her big sister. Lizzie also loves Char char (Lizzie's nickname for Charlotte) and gives her dozens of hugs and kisses everyday.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Week

So Lizzie's birthday was almost two weeks ago and I am finally posting it. We started the week on Sunday with the usual Dittman family dinner. Since she was born on her Aunt Michelle's birthday it was a double birthday dinner. I found a great idea on a friend of a friend's blog about a cake and so I made it (a little different than the original recipe called, but I think it was a hit)

The funniest thing is that I made it a white cake (and just dyed it with food coloring) put whipped cream on top and lots of berries. Unknown to me my sister requested for her birthday cake an angel food cake with whipped cream on top and berries. So they were VERY similar, but everyone thought mine tasted better (we are guessing that it was because it was colored and not white)

On Monday we went to the LA Zoo with Michelle and her friend (I totally forgot his name, it starts with a B)

Lizzie and Aunt Michelle

Lizzie has to buckle everything she sees.

Charlotte at the Zoo

Lizzie and Daddy

Lizzie LOVED the animals. We then went to Porto's in Glendale (a Cuban restaurant) We had tons of fun.

We then chilled out for most of the rest of the week. On Tuesday we went out to eat with some family to celebrate Uncle Brian's (not my brother, but my brother-in-law) birthday.

Jordyn, Lizzie, and Kassidy

On Saturday we had the Crespo family dinner/BBQ. Lizzie had tons of fun playing with her cousins.

Charlotte with Grandpa

Aunt Jessie and Kendall

Kendall and Jackson Dancing to some music at the dinner

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things I have learned this weekend

  1. Do not go camping with a three week old. Wait until they have some sort of sleeping and eating routine.
  2. If you are traveling from LA to Sacramento Route 99 had TONS more Sonic's on it than Interstate 5!!! Totally worth driving through the armpit of California for!!!!
  3. Do not go camping unless you are 100% sure that you can set up camp by yourself, even in the dark. It takes 1-2 adults to watch a newborn and two year old while setting up camp.
  4. Its probably best to go camping about only 3-4 hours away from home. Any longer and the traveling gets extremely tiresome for all involved.
  5. Never give into peer pressure (or parental pressure) and always go with your first instinct.
  6. I don't want a tent trailer. If I ever feel that I am too old to sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent I will just not go anymore. Maybe one day I will be singing a different tune, but it seems to me to be too much effort for a little extra comfort.
  7. GPS's are convenient but you might want to check a map (or bring one) just in case. Here are a few funny clips that I thought of while we were on our trip. Cars clip (about 8 minutes into it) The Office - GPS clip
  8. MP3 players and earphones are my two year olds best friend. She would only fall asleep with lots a people around if she was listening to her music. This weekend was the first time I rock Lizzie to sleep in well over a year!!!
  9. My entire family (Jai, Lizzie, and Charlotte) start sweating at 70 degrees. I think we might do better living in a cooler climate than Southern California!!!
Lizzie did have a great time. She loved to swim in the river, taking showers, squishing ants, and making someone else swat away flies from everything she felt was hers (her baby doll, blankey, food, the seat she wanted to sit in, Charlotte, etc.)
While we were taking down camp she sat in the car and pretend to drive us all around!!! It was really funny!!