Saturday, December 13, 2008


Literally this was a surprise!! Also I can make it an excuse to why I have been a horrible blogger. We are due (at the moment) June 24th. Jai has also made a decision about schools. We will be going to Cal Poly Pomona. Not too far from here (about an hour and a half) so we have decided to keep my job and live half way in between to try to manage both. His Spring Quarter doesn't start until about March 30th so after his last final this Monday he will be spending months of quality time with Lizzie!!! As far as details are concerned we have no idea. We will probably be moving sometime in January mainly because my brother Brian will be home from his mission at the beginning of February and we just can't share a room with Lizzie anymore.

So the month of November was filled with the flu. I swear I caught three different ones. Plus having morning sickness did not help. The whole month just felt horrible. We also had a miscarriage scare so I was on bed rest for a little while. Basically I used up all of my sick days this year (I never ever get to do that). I also got a migraine that made me sick to my stomach as well. It was just a bad month.

Thanksgiving was nice. Craig and Kristy came down to visit from Utah. So we got to hang out some. Unfortunately Kristy caught the flu at the end so that was a little bummer (we had it earlier so we were okay that time). Jai also had his birthday and turned 29 this year. Yet again we did really nothing special.

As November ended I was excited to have a healthier month to look forward to, only to catch a cold starting December 1st. I was luckily able to work through it (except for the weekend) because as I said earlier I ran out of sick days. I still have a slight cough but all is going better now. I still have some morning sickness but I can tell its starting to go away. This pregnancy so far is a lot harder than the one with Lizzie. Maybe its always harder when there is already one that you HAVE to chase around.

Lizzie is doing really well. She is running around like the little monster she is. One day she just decided to start walking and within three days she was a pro. I figure she could do it but that she just didn't want to. She is talking a lot more as well. We were out to dinner with Jai's family for his birthday and a waitress brought Jai another drink. As the waitress was walking away Lizzie said thank you to her. Jai and I were in shock because she had never said that before. Then the next day she said it to my dad. Since then we have never heard those words again.

When ever we are trying to teach her a new word and she doesn't really want to try but wants us to feel happy she will say "bah".

Dad: Hot Dog

Lizzie: Bah

Dad: No...Hot

Lizzie: Bah

Dad: ...Dog

Lizzie: Bah

It is usually accompanied by a huge smile. Her food selection is starting to expand but when she has a choice she will usually choose veggies or fruit. The last time I weighed her she was about 22 lbs. She is still in 12 month clothing and still is just a skinny little girl.

Not too much else is happening here. We are looking forward to the Holidays. My brother Eric and Cassie and their two girls will be coming here for Christmas. It will be good for Lizzie to spend some time with her cousins. Jai's brother Jason and his family will also be in town so ALL of Lizzie's cousins will be around. It will be fun to see them, its been a long time since they have visited.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Turning 30 for some reason seems like a huge birthday to me. I am starting to actually feel older. Aren't people who are 30 suppose to be more responsible? Have their life in order? Know what they are doing with their life? My life seems so out of order. Maybe by the time I turn 40 I will have all these questions answered!!!

My birthday started out with a bang by getting sick at about 1015 the night before. So for the entire day I spent trying to recover from the 24 hour flu. Nothing special really happened so yeah!! I guess there is always next year when we celebrate Jai's 30th birthday.

Hopefully soon I will update everyone about our special Halloween! Hope everyone had fun!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

September, in summary

"Drinking" Dr. Pepper

So some months I keep up to date on my blog, and others I do not do as well. I know its been a month since my last entry, (I told you I would get around to it Kelli...;) but really my life is REALLY boring. So here is a summary of the most boring month of the year...

Lizzie had another doctor's appointment about mid month. She was 19 lbs., 15 oz. Add a diaper and some clothes to that makes about 20 lbs, just enough for a forward facing car seat. So we finally got her one. We anticipated that she would LOVE it, but our dreams were smashed when she acted like it was just another day, nothing special. Go figure.

One of the other things we have learned about Lizzie is that she CAN walk by herself, but she WONT. When she is with her older cousins playing around she will walk everywhere. When she is playing with us she will just crawl. So frustrating!!!

I do have to thank all of you who have music on your blogs. When I want to check my email all I have to do is pull up one of your pages and Lizzie will dance to the music until I am done. It is really funny to see her bopping up and down to the music she likes.

Jai is in his last semester at the local community college. He will have two Associate Degrees come December. He is applying to schools all over the West for January and next Fall. We will see what happens next.

As for myself I have just been working, working out, and doing other various activities. We just had our Primary presentation on Sunday which went rather well. Trying to control six Sunbeams is really a hilarious job. I have also gotten hooked on the following book series.

I read all four books in nine days (which is over a total of 2200 pages). I know, I know totally out of control. I read every spare second I had trying not to neglect my child TOO much, or my household chores, and I stayed up WAY too late for having to work every morning. I actually perfected the art of working out at the gym and reading a book at the same time. It really is harder than it sounds. I am really pathetic. Now I am looking for another book/series to read. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

That is just about it for our pretty mundane life. We are looking forward to having the house almost to ourselves for two weeks in October while my parents are in Greece. We are also excited about two of my cousins getting married within two weeks of each other!! Hopefully I can find a fluffy dress for Lizzie.

Peace out, Homie-G.

Yes this is really my kid in a tutu

Friday, August 29, 2008

Craig & Kristy's Wedding

(Lizzie and Me)

Our trip to Utah went really well. Lizzie did really well on her first plane ride. She just whined a little about being on our laps, but over all it went better than I anticipated.

(Jai and Lizzie in the park)
On Friday after we landed in Salt Lake City we were able to visit a few friends while we were out there. We hung out with Emily, Julian, Issac, and Mateo for a few hours. I hope they move down to California so that we can hang out more. We also had dinner with Kristi, Liz, Brent, and Annabelle. I should have taken a picture of Lizzie and Annabelle sitting in high chairs and being sweet to each other, but I forgot. I wish our visits with everyone could have been longer.

(Craig and Kristy with our family)

(Kristy and Craig with the nieces and nephew)

On Saturday was wedding day. There was a brief scare Friday evening when we received the news that the bride and groom had forgotten to get the marriage license. After many phone calls they were able to get a hold of someone in charge of the Recorders office. He was able to find an employee that was nice enough to go into the office Saturday morning and issue the license to them. I don't think either side of the family will let them live it down. It really is something funny to think about.

(Kristy and Craig coming out of the temple - my sister-in-law Cassie is in the foreground)
Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast with Kristy's family and were able to mingle with them a little bit. I feel a little bad that because our family hardly sees each other that we just hung out and talked together and mingled very little.

(my nieces Hannah.......and......Corina)

The sealing was really beautiful. I love going to sealings because it reminds me of the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father. There was a nice elegant dinner afterwards at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Overall it was a very simple and beautiful wedding to attend. I really hope Kristy doesn't mind our crazy family! I guess she will find out.
(Todd and Michelle)
(Lizzie and Hannah playing, sort of)
(My bother Eric's family: Hannah, Corina, and his wife Cassie)
(Craig and Lizzie in front of the Salt Lake Temple)
(Lizzie with her grandpa)


So when I went to move my pictures from my camera to my computer, this is what I found:

Apparently my boss, Scott, took this while I was at lunch and my camera was sitting there all alone on my desk. Nice..........

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is how I feel today:

How is it when you take two days off of work it ends up taking twice as long to catch up? I am on day three of being back and am no where near finished with the work that I missed. The same goes for my house. I always try to clean it before I leave, but no matter what when I get back there is twice as much to clean. It is almost as if the Universe is against people taking vacation. When you know it will take you twice as long to get back into your routine you might as well not take a vacation.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay this might not be a crisis to anyone else but I need help!!! I don't know how to do Lizzie's hair for Craig and Kristy's wedding. Her hair is always out of control (like the picture in the header-and that was a good day) How can I try to make it look more tame? Her hair is still baby thin on top and super curly in the back. Do I use product in her hair? I need some help and good ideas!!!!!!

One year check up

So my Lizzie-monster had her one year check-up this week. She is now in the 78% for height, the 85% for her head, and the 10% for her weight. So we have a really skinny, tall, big headed daughter. The doctor is slightly concerned that we have to have another appointment in a month to make sure that her weight is still on the right curve or starting to catch up. If anyone has any ideas on how to help her gain a little bit of weight (the healthy way of course) please give me your suggestions. We will see how she is doing next month. It might have just been a fluke due to her being sick the week before.

Thursday, August 14, 2008're it.

My cousin Bethany tagged me about a month ago and now I am finally getting around to responding. What a slacker!!

Attached or Single? Obviously attached.

Best Friend? Jai

Cake or Pie? Hmmm, depends on my mood. Cake most days.

Day of Choice? Definitely Fridays. The last day of work for the week and a nice weekend to look forward to.

Essential Items? Wallet, chapstick, and cell phone (ONLY because if I don't take it with me it will be ringing off the hook otherwise its usually silent)

Favorite Color? Recently it has been Purple.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Gummy Bears. There is something about biting their heads off that thrills me every time.

Home Town? Hmmm, I guess where ever my parents are. Moorpark currently

Indulgences? Music. I haven't attempted to look at it recently to keep myself in our budget. I think I can go back at anytime.

January or July? July, I love the warmth and its the month my baby was born in.

Kids? One. Elizabeth the loud.

Like or Love? love

Marriage Date? March 19th

Number of Siblings? five. Eric (Cassie), Craig (Kristy), Michelle, Brian, and Todd.

Phobias/fears? Heights, the dark, spiders, some one breaking into the house, and something happening to one of my family members

Quotes? "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side" - Yoda

Reason to Smile? Lizzie giggling, its way better than her screaming

Season? Spring, everything seems so bright and new

Tag Four: Emily (or Julian), Carolyn (welcome to the blogging world!), Mandy, Kristi

Unknown fact about me? My secret love is a TI-89 Graphing Calculator. I even took it on my mission with me. (sorry Jai)

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Definitely Oppressor of Animals! I gotta have my meat

X-Rays or Ultrasounds? Are you asking how many I have had more of? If so then its X-rays ( I am a klutz) but Ultrasounds are so sweet and awesome

Your Favorite Food? Chocolate, Taco Bell (there is just something about their cheese sauce that melts my heart), and stale candy corn and peeps.

Zodiac? Scorpio (I hear it is a dominate personality but Jai is one too, so I don't see how that would really work)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's a cool pool party!

To celebrate Lizzie's first birthday we had a pool party for the family and some friends. We all had a great time swimming and eating. Thank you to all who came and provided food and gifts!! Lizzie was extremely worn out from partying so hard that she slept through the night for the first time in a week.

Lizzie's cake

Elizabeth was sad to get out of the water to eat cake and open presents.

Uncle Craig helped her open them

Cousin Kendall enjoying the party!

Having fun swimming away.

Two months of random pictures







The first year

I really can't believe how fast this past year has gone. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was holding my little baby in the hospital. Now she is my little monster that is passed out in her crib. It really is amazing how fast they grow and how much they learn. Last year all she could do was cry, eat, and poop. Now she added crawling, almost walking, temper tantrums, screaming, playing with toys, clapping, poking your eyes out when she wants you to wake up, feeding herself (if you could call it that), stealing others toys, beating other babies up with their own toys, hugs and kisses (discretionally), babbling, talking, singing, dancing, smiling (with those two adorable dimples), flirting, head-butting, rib kicking (I swear she never did it to me while in my stomach), and so many more things that I just can't name them at the moment. It really is amazing how much I really love her no matter what she is doing at that time. Happy One Year Mark to you my Lizzie Monster!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of her first birthday. She shared it with my sister who turned 24 on the same day. My favorite part is her eating her cake. She just licked the frosting that was closest to her. Jai showed her that it was okay to smash her hands in it, but she kinda thought the frosting was gross on her fingers. It was so cute.


This is not about our nephew Jackson, but about my bosses dog. We dog sat for them while they went on vacation a few weeks back. Jackson is still a puppy, just a little more grown than the little ones that you think about. At first Lizzie was a little scared and tried to tell him to sit (she was just trying to copy what we were telling him) then they became best buds. It was like having to watch two babies about the same age. They wanted each others toys (and would try to steal them from each other). They wanted each others food (Lizzie had her first taste of hard dog food, I think she liked it). While one was being disciplined for naughty behavior the other one would get into trouble. I think they knowingly tag teamed us so they could do stuff they normally would not get away with. There are two things that Jai and I took from the week of dog sitting. One is that I don't think I want to have twins...EVER. If a dog and one baby can do that to us imagine two babies. The second is that we are NOT getting a dog until all of our kids are at least age five and older. I never realized how hard it is to control them. Here are some pictures of Lizzie and Jackson having fun.

Fourth of July

So I am about a month late in really updating my blog. It has been a crazy crazy month.

So our little city of Moorpark has their firework display on the 3rd of July rather than the Fourth of July. We met Jai's family down at the park where they set them off at. Lizzie had a great time seeing her cousins and play with toys. The best park for Jai and myself is that she did not like the feel of the grass and would not crawl off the blankets (I think she has over come her phobia now) Then came the fireworks. Within 30 seconds Lizzie was screaming her head off in fear. All she wanted us to do was get away from there and go home. So we made our dramatic exit by packing up and leaving as fast as we could. At least we beat the foot traffic home.

So the next day we were at Jai's sisters house for a BBQ (This is on the 4th) because his Aunts were in town from New York and Texas. Lizzie had a good time eating and swimming with her cousins. Well came evening time and they started shooting off some fireworks in the backyard. So within 30 seconds of just seeing the lights Elizabeth starting getting scared and we made yet another dramatic exit with her. Now when ever she hears the bells at church she starts crying so loud. Its really funny but sad at the same time.

Some pictures of swimming fun.

Our Niece

Here are some of the pictures of our new niece Cornia. We will be meeting her for the first time in a few weeks at Craig's wedding in Utah.