Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary - The tale of two cars

So today is our 5th anniversary. I can hardly believe its been five years already. Time flies too fast. Two kids later and Jai is still just as wonderful as ever!!!

So I took the day off of work to spend it together with the family, and run some errands. Sounds like a pretty lax day right? Well here is what really happened...

6:45am Charlotte decides its time to wake up. I guess we should be up by this time too. Lots to do

8:00am I go to the mechanic to drop off my car. It is leaking coolant and the steering column is loose. Better get them checked before something worse might happen. We still have one car left to run all of the errands today.

8:09am I am signing the paperwork at the mechanics when I get a call from Jai. "My car died on the way to get you. It won't start again" They are only 1/2 mile from the mechanic and he has all of our stuff and both girls with him.

8: 13am Talk to our mechanics and they call a tow truck to drag Jai's car down there too. Walk to the car to pick up the girls. Lizzie throws a fit on Sepulveda Blvd right after Jai realizes I walked away with his keys to the broken down car. She goes with daddy, mommy can't handle her drama today. Even though daddy is her favorite, she fights with him until they get in the tow truck.

9:10am Jai's car arrives. They agree to look at it for us too.

9:30am They let me know what specifically is wrong with my car, how much it will cost, and that they need to keep it until at least tomorrow. Great no car and tons of money to fix it. I walk to the car rental agency right down the street.

10:00am We are finally on our way to grandma's house in our rental car, to wash one load of clothes.

11:00am At the doctor's office. Yep I have gallstones. Still don't know if that is what is causing my severe abdominal cramping. Will have to wait until Monday to know.

2:15pm Go to help Vasty set up her reception.

4:15pm The girls are extremely tired, take them back to grandma's house to take a nap.

5:05pm Realize on my way back to the building that we left both sets of our keys to our house at the mechanic.

5:15pm Call the mechanic. They close at 6pm. What?!? 45 minutes to get there (in the Valley) to get my keys. Drag Jai with me so I can use the car pool lane.

5:50pm Got to the mechanic in time to grab the keys!! Life is good.

6:20pm Back at the reception building. They finished without us. Chat it up and clean up the little stuff.

7:00pm Go pick up the girls.

8:15pm Leave grandma's house for home. Home sweet home.

8:55pm While turning onto our street I realize we forgot the remote to our driveway gate in both of our cars!!! The mechanic is closed. Jai knocks on neighbor's doors to see if they can let us in!!

Next Door Neighbor: (Stoned and swaying head like stevie wonder) My Mooooooms not heeeeere and noooo oooonnnnee has a car. ask her

HOA Prez: (Drunkenly) Who is It?
Jai: Your Neighbor in 108.
HOA Prez: (Drunkenly) What the H@%$ do you want?
Jai: My car broke down, I got a rental and forgot my clicker. Can you let me in the gate?
HOA Prez: HAHA Just Kidding. I saw your daughter the other day, she's beautiful.

9:05pm Both girls are in bed. Time to relax!

Yep. That about sums up our day. My week wasn't too much better either. I know it will get better tomorrow!!

Happy Anniversary Baby!!! I love you!!!

Here are a few recent pictures of the girls. Please enjoy!!

No Mamaratzzies!!!

I dressed myself today!!

Smiley baby!

Splish Splash, we are taking a bath!!!

Lizzie's first day of Preschool!!