Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A picture from our first attempt to get Lizzie to sleep in a big girl bed. We tried to make it seem like fun, but were unsuccessful for a week. Now I don't think she would ever go back to the crib.

Lizzie LOVES to pretend to go bye-bye. She has to find a pair of sunglasses, all her purses, and any pair of keys. All we are hoping for is that she doesn't figure out how to unlock the door and open it, otherwise we will be in BIG trouble!

Guess who my child looks like the most? Mom or Dad? Can't tell? Look at their profiles a little closer!!

This was taken a month ago. I finally started to look pregnant. I don't look too much different now.

Not too much has happened the past month and a half since my last post. That's probably why I don't have too much to say. The doctor has told me to stop working to make sure that I at least get to 37 weeks with this pregnancy (last week at 35 weeks I was already having contractions and 2 centimeters dilated) So all I have left is at LEAST one more week to get through. I don't know if working is actually more stressful than watching an almost 2 year old all day. All I am hoping for is that this one is bigger than her older sister when she is born. But then again I think we have a really good chance since Lizzie was only 5 lbs and 2 oz. But then again we will see. I will update everyone when she is born.
There is only one more thing that I think is funny. I usually drop Lizzie off in the mornings before work at a family members home. During the past few weeks she has gotten so comfortable with this that once everything of hers is in the home she hands me my keys and either tells me "Bye" or "Go" Its pretty funny. She also does this when she is really tired and is going to bed. Once prayer has been said and kisses given we are to leave immediately. It makes me laugh.