Thursday, February 26, 2009


Wow time really does go by really fast. I didn't realize that it has taken me two weeks to get these pictures posted. Sorry!!!

Lizzie with her cousins Corina and Hannah

Lizzie enjoying a snack at Disneyland

Eating a corn dog with the Princess crown her Aunt Michelle gave her

At Grandma Sonia's

For all those who will still have young children in 11 years: Lizzie will be a great "baby-sitter" (Just an FYI for those who are interested)

The monster with my glasses on.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A post two months in the making

So, yeah. I have been terrible about blogging and I have thought of a plethora of reasons why I have been so horrible:
1. Pregnancy takes a lot out of me
2. Working and wanting to spend time with my child during the few hours I have available doesn't lead to a lot of blogging time
3. We moved to the Valley
4. We don't have internet in our new place
5. I spend so little time at my parents (where internet is) that I thought it would be rude to spend tons of time on the computer
6. I had lost the cord from the computer to the camera (it was just found a few days ago)
7. I have been really forgetful lately...

So you get the idea. I have more excuses but I might wait to use them later.

To update you on our family. We have moved to an unnamed location of the San Fernando Valley. Both of our parents are completely freaked out thinking we live in the ghetto of LA. Its not at all that bad. Its half way between Jai's school and my work, so it works for us. Jai starts school at Cal Poly Pamona at the end of March. So for now he is watching Lizzie full time. He is really excited that he can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as finishing his degree.

In Elizabeth news. She turned 18 months a few weeks ago. She is in the 61% for her height, the 91% for her head size, and the 8% for her weight. I like to sum it all into that I have a tall skinney bobble-head of a child. She also started nursery in our new ward. It has not gone over too well. Its probably because there are a lot of new people. She has cried both Sundays when we have left. Her vocabulary has grown greatly, but will only say her words when she wants to and not when you ask her to. She LOVES books, baby dolls, and the movie CARS (Jai had to watch it three times one day)

This pregnancy has not been too bad. I have had both cronic hypertension as well as a hyper thyroid. All that means is that I have to have a lot more doctors appointments, have been lucky enough not to be on bed rest, and that I have had a lot of blood tests done. My blood pressure has been kept in check with medication, but it is still elevated. Most likely this means I will be enduced near the beginning of June. I also get to have tons of ultra sounds just to make sure the baby is growing correctly. With my hyper thyroid I have lost about 25 lbs so far and have not gained a single pound, as of the moment. The weight loss has slowed so I am hoping by my next doctors appointment I will be up a pound or two. They are still doing testing to see if it was just a fluke or if it is something more serious (either way it won't affect the baby)

We have found out that we are having another GIRL!!! We were kinda hoping for a boy because we already had a name in mind, now we have to start from scratch. But its not too surprising because both sides of our families are filled with girls!!! Out of 10 neices and nephews we only have 2 nephews!!! We are excited. When ever we ask Lizzie where the baby is she pulls up her shirt and points to her belly!! Its soooo cute.

Well I better be going. I will put some pictures up soon, since I did find that cord to my camera (and maybe I will sneak a little bit of internet time at work to do it, we'll see)