Saturday, December 13, 2008


Literally this was a surprise!! Also I can make it an excuse to why I have been a horrible blogger. We are due (at the moment) June 24th. Jai has also made a decision about schools. We will be going to Cal Poly Pomona. Not too far from here (about an hour and a half) so we have decided to keep my job and live half way in between to try to manage both. His Spring Quarter doesn't start until about March 30th so after his last final this Monday he will be spending months of quality time with Lizzie!!! As far as details are concerned we have no idea. We will probably be moving sometime in January mainly because my brother Brian will be home from his mission at the beginning of February and we just can't share a room with Lizzie anymore.

So the month of November was filled with the flu. I swear I caught three different ones. Plus having morning sickness did not help. The whole month just felt horrible. We also had a miscarriage scare so I was on bed rest for a little while. Basically I used up all of my sick days this year (I never ever get to do that). I also got a migraine that made me sick to my stomach as well. It was just a bad month.

Thanksgiving was nice. Craig and Kristy came down to visit from Utah. So we got to hang out some. Unfortunately Kristy caught the flu at the end so that was a little bummer (we had it earlier so we were okay that time). Jai also had his birthday and turned 29 this year. Yet again we did really nothing special.

As November ended I was excited to have a healthier month to look forward to, only to catch a cold starting December 1st. I was luckily able to work through it (except for the weekend) because as I said earlier I ran out of sick days. I still have a slight cough but all is going better now. I still have some morning sickness but I can tell its starting to go away. This pregnancy so far is a lot harder than the one with Lizzie. Maybe its always harder when there is already one that you HAVE to chase around.

Lizzie is doing really well. She is running around like the little monster she is. One day she just decided to start walking and within three days she was a pro. I figure she could do it but that she just didn't want to. She is talking a lot more as well. We were out to dinner with Jai's family for his birthday and a waitress brought Jai another drink. As the waitress was walking away Lizzie said thank you to her. Jai and I were in shock because she had never said that before. Then the next day she said it to my dad. Since then we have never heard those words again.

When ever we are trying to teach her a new word and she doesn't really want to try but wants us to feel happy she will say "bah".

Dad: Hot Dog

Lizzie: Bah

Dad: No...Hot

Lizzie: Bah

Dad: ...Dog

Lizzie: Bah

It is usually accompanied by a huge smile. Her food selection is starting to expand but when she has a choice she will usually choose veggies or fruit. The last time I weighed her she was about 22 lbs. She is still in 12 month clothing and still is just a skinny little girl.

Not too much else is happening here. We are looking forward to the Holidays. My brother Eric and Cassie and their two girls will be coming here for Christmas. It will be good for Lizzie to spend some time with her cousins. Jai's brother Jason and his family will also be in town so ALL of Lizzie's cousins will be around. It will be fun to see them, its been a long time since they have visited.


The Jeffs Family said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. So glad the news is finally out! How did you tell Jai's fam? Congrats again--I'll call soon!

tyler and ali said...

Congrats! THat is super-exciting!!! Sorry you've been so sick, I hope you feel better quickly. Pregnancy and flu should NEVER be had at the same time!!!


CONGRATS!!! We are sooo excited for you! Lizzie will be happy to have someone to play with. Good luck with the move...Brent applied to Claremont and we were looking at apts there in San Diego...WOW can I say EXPENSIVE!

kristi said...

Yea! Congratulations! Ugh, sorry about being sick, and morning sickness to boot! Hope it gets better!

bethanyr32 said...

Wow, congrats! Seems like everyone I know is pregnant right now. I know my second pregnancy was harder in a lot of ways, too. Hope you feel better soon.

The More the Merrier said...

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you guys! Also, I that is so cool that you worked at Allens! It sure is a handy store to have down the road! It was so good seeing you guys in August. I hope that you start feeling better and don't get sick for the rest of the year.

Michelle said...

Umm... is that twins?? haha just kidding it looks like a peanut to me... but don't worry I'll still be a great aunt to whatever you birth... plural or legume.