Friday, June 5, 2009

Where do I live again?

I know somethings get me confused really easily, but I could have sworn I lived in Southern California! Now I know that no other state in the nation would have transported my little ghetto neighborhood to their state overnight, so then what is up with all this cool weather and rain? I know I shouldn't be complaining about it because as always we are in a drought and we really do need the rain fall. But it is hard when you finally get yourself and your two year old ready to head out the door only to find that she needs a rain coat, that I should really change her sandals to shoes, and that I really should not be wearing my worn out flip flops in the rain at 9 months pregnant. Well at least I got her rain coat on this morning!

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The Jeffs Family said...

When I saw your new post, I thought you might be wondering if you live in Mexico instead of CA. I often wonder that when I hear Spanish announcements being made over the intercom in stores. We've been enjoying the cool weather. We haven't really had more than occasional sprinkles. Parker is bummed though because it is too cool to swim. Hope you are still feeling well. Can't wait for baby's arrival!