Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Week

So Lizzie's birthday was almost two weeks ago and I am finally posting it. We started the week on Sunday with the usual Dittman family dinner. Since she was born on her Aunt Michelle's birthday it was a double birthday dinner. I found a great idea on a friend of a friend's blog about a cake and so I made it (a little different than the original recipe called, but I think it was a hit)

The funniest thing is that I made it a white cake (and just dyed it with food coloring) put whipped cream on top and lots of berries. Unknown to me my sister requested for her birthday cake an angel food cake with whipped cream on top and berries. So they were VERY similar, but everyone thought mine tasted better (we are guessing that it was because it was colored and not white)

On Monday we went to the LA Zoo with Michelle and her friend (I totally forgot his name, it starts with a B)

Lizzie and Aunt Michelle

Lizzie has to buckle everything she sees.

Charlotte at the Zoo

Lizzie and Daddy

Lizzie LOVED the animals. We then went to Porto's in Glendale (a Cuban restaurant) We had tons of fun.

We then chilled out for most of the rest of the week. On Tuesday we went out to eat with some family to celebrate Uncle Brian's (not my brother, but my brother-in-law) birthday.

Jordyn, Lizzie, and Kassidy

On Saturday we had the Crespo family dinner/BBQ. Lizzie had tons of fun playing with her cousins.

Charlotte with Grandpa

Aunt Jessie and Kendall

Kendall and Jackson Dancing to some music at the dinner


vigues said...

Happy birthday, Lizzie! Those are some sweet cakes you got. It looks like y'all had some rockin' good fun.

carolyn said...

man, i still love a good birthday. happy birthday lizzie, the years just get better and better!

Jill said...

Both of those cakes are AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering!!! What a great celebration!!! Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Michelle said...

His name was Brent...