Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mommy and Daddy time

Some cute picture of my baby.

Here she is with her daddy. She wanted me to take these pictures while she was eatting. It was soooo cute!!

Here she is with her mommy. To get her to stop whining I took some pictures with her. You can see that her eyes are not dark but that they change colors...they are kinda green here.

Our nephew finally has a name. Its Jackson Beckham Grey. I think my other sister-in-law had some sort of say in the middle name (she's a BIG soccer player and fan). I saw him again yesterday, but both him and Kendal were sleeping so I decided not to take a picture of the three of them until later (I think I forgot my camera as well, so that didn't help).

That's about all for now. We are excited to see the Jeffs next week and can't wait until we are there!!!


Craig said...

So, does she really like having her picture taken? Does she really understand that?

The More the Merrier said...

Hey angela and jai! What a treat to see pictures of your little family!!! Craig gave me your blog address and i'm so glad because we often wonder how you guys are doing? you all look great! your little baby is SO cute!! aren't kids fun! If you ever want to see our little jr., our address is:
take care!-malinda

tyler and ali said...

Man, at least she'll let you take the pictures. At that age, my kids gave me 2 seconds before whining for the camera. Most of their picts around that age involve them pointing at the camera with a really distressed look. Your Lizzy is hamming it up very appropriately! What a cute girl!