Sunday, March 16, 2008

My crazy sister

So sometimes I wonder about my family. There is a radio station down here in Southern California that every year in March they have a "March Madness" campaign. Last year it was Mustache Madness and this year the theme is Mullet Madness. The Grand Prize in this competition is a '69 Camaro SS. Now my brother Todd really really wants this car, but his hair (and all of his friend's hair as well) is not long enough to cut into mullets. Todd offered me $10,000 to cut my hair into a mullet to enter this competition and win the car for him. I declined the offer.

Now I know you are saying $10,000 is a lot of money. Let me fill you in on all my thoughts in my split second decision. First off to win the car you have to have the same hair style at the end of the competition and I just do not want to go to work and church looking like white trash. Second I have had a really short hair cut before (on my mission) and it looked horrible on me, I don't want to repeat that. Third I don't think Todd really has $10,000. And fourth I am not that desperate for money. I know that I am living at my parents house and that I have to work while Jai is in school cause we have to pay the bills, but we are not doing too bad for our situation.

Todd still desperate to find someone to cut their hair into a mullet offered my sister Michelle $3,000 to do it (The reasons why I think it is less is because he probably figured I wouldn't do it in the first place and so offered me more and second like I said before I don't think he had $10,000) Now I don't know if Michelle is really strapped for money but she accepted Todd's offer and cut her hair into a mullet. Apparently she called a hair salon in Studio City and told them what was going on and they told her to come down right away. They actually cut her hair for free because they thought it was sooooo funny!!! (This is the best picture I have so far for her, I'll put up another one when I get it)

The best part about this radio station competition is that everyone can see my sister's hair cut and vote on-line to help her win. I think there is one vote per computer per day so please visit and vote for my sister!!!! Tell your friends, neighbors, and family members. I would really like to see how far her horrible hair cut can go. Currently she is in the Top Hat Bracket, Match Up #1. Now I can honestly say that my family is crazy!!


The Jeffs Family said...

Nooooo way!!! I cannot get my mouth to close! I cannot believe she did that--your bro better make good on the money!

kristi said...

go Michelle! We'll keep voting for her!


Oh my too funny! I totally voted for your sister and sent it to some of my friends to vote as well. Good Luck!