Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break/Easter Weekend

So when you live with their parents (or in-laws) you start to feel very claustrophobic. So our family's plan for Jai's Spring break week was such: Paint the spare bedroom & leave town.

So on that Monday we started painting the spare bedroom/Brian's room/Lizzie's room-while-her-uncle-is-on-his-mission. We thought we would be nice and paint it a color my brother would like. It's a this metallic green that my parent's '67 Pontiac use to be with a silver metallic trim. It looks rather nice in my opinion. My mom hates is (score one for Team Crespo). we still have to figure out what we are going to do with the trim near the ceiling and also look for some central lighting for the room. I think Brian will really like it. (When I get a picture I will post it so you can see how AWESOME it looks)

For our plan to get out of town we were fortunate enough to visit our friend's the Jeffs' in Northern California. We left on Thursday and had a great time until Sunday. Lizzie was able to meet Parker and Bear for the first time. She LOVED playing with Bear and letting him lick her face.

On Friday we were able to go to the Jelly Belly factory and smell Parker's skunk jelly bean.

And on Saturday we had a very relaxing day chillin' and visiting a park. It was Lizzie's first time at the park, and I think she had some fun, even though she could not do too much on her own.

She did like the flower that Parker gave her on our way home. She didn't let go of it until I took it away from her.

On Easter Sunday we left Northern California and headed south for home. We visited my in-laws briefly to wish them Happy Easter. It was a very nice break to a crazy life.

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