Monday, April 28, 2008

Teething Troubles

So about everyday I wish that my child would be one of those children that hardly makes a peep when their teeth come in. And everyday I am severely disappointed. Some of Lizzie's new habits are not taking naps, not eating unless I give her a bottle in her crib, throwing fits (she will arch her back and throw herself on the floor to get her point across) , and screaming at the top of her lungs no matter what she is doing.

She was extremely tired Saturday afternoon and did not want to take her nap. So instead of giving in we just left her in her crib until she past out from exhaustion. After it had been amazingly silent in her room for about a half an hour, I had Jai go and check her to make sure she was okay. He opened the door and then told me to bring the camera and come look what she had done. My guess is she had been standing in her crib whining trying to make us feel bad for her when she finally just passed out. Here is the picture:


vigues said...

I'm so sorry! That is absolutely NO fun and enough to make a mom crazy! Stock up on Ibuprofen, teething tablets, and orajel! You'll be needing them for a while :) Jack was one of those easy kids with teething, Sheridan is still a beast about it. Yuck!

The Jeffs Family said...

What a great moment to get on camera! Hang in there with the teething.