Saturday, June 7, 2008

In Other News...& Pictures

Lizzie with Jordyn at Kendall's baby naming

We officially met Michelle's boyfriend a few Sundays ago for dinner. He seems nice, and I think he likes our family's sense of humor. I guess we will get to know him better over the months (as long as he's not scared off by us) Here is a picture of Lizzie swimming with Michelle, Jai, and Jerrid (he's the one in the bottom left corner with the black hair)

Elizabeth now has two official teeth. They are the two bottom ones in the middle. We keep thinking that a few more are coming out but they are still not there.

Jai and myself had two hamsters before we had a baby. The first one, Fatty Lumpkins, died about a week and a half after Lizzie was born. The second one, Marzipan, though greatly neglected stayed alive for months afterwards. A few weeks ago Craig and Jai decided to set it free in the backyard. At first it didn't want to leave the patio so Craig flung it into the bushes where Jai thinks it got jumped by a rat or something. We have not seen any signs of it since so that is a good possibility.

Lizzie has been chasing Schwartz the dog around. She thinks its the greatest game and he is very annoyed by it.

Playing with bubbles.

Craig's girlfriend, Kristy, came down after the Memorial Day weekend to spend a week with our family (ok, so it was mainly Craig she wanted to spend time with) They did all things Southern California such as Disneyland, Hertz Castle, beaches (esp Malibu), etc. On that Thursday Craig proposed. We are pretty excited to have Kristi as a member of our family. We'll break out the craziness after they are married (when its too late;) I don't have a picture but will post one as soon as I get one. They will be getting married in the Salt Lake Temple in August. We are all pretty excited by it.


Bethany said...

I love how our families break out the craziness only after we in-laws marry in and it's too late! At least we all admit that we're crazy.


Okay so you'll have to tell me when you are going to be in Salt Lake so we can meet up and I can see cute Lizzy!