Monday, June 23, 2008

Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!!!

OK, for those of you who do not live in Southern California, it has been HOT here!!! I am so grateful we are not living in the apartment we had last year with our swamp cooler, it would be nasty. Luckily my work and my parent's house has some good air conditioning, otherwise both Jai and Lizzie would have been sweating non stop all week. The extremely unfortunate thing is that my car's air conditioning doesn't work. Now, its not so bad in the morning when its a little bit cooler (it is 70 degrees as I am writing this) but in the afternoon when I leave to go home it is nasty. It seems that even rolling down the windows makes it feel worse.

All week I have been trying to come up with an example of how hot it is. I know I have had this feeling before, but it just sat there at the edge of my brain not moving...until Friday. As I was driving in the 109 degree weather it came to me, this is just like when you go camping and you are sitting next to the fire, just a little too close. You know the point where it feels like your pants and your legs are just about to spontaneously combust and you pull away from the fire right before they do. Yep that's what it feels like driving in 109 weather with slight humidity with your car window rolled down.


Bethany said...

Yeah, driving home from church at 3:30 yesterday I felt like my face was baking, reminding me of girls camp nights sitting too close to the bonfire. God bless the person who invented AC!

Bethany said...
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