Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miracle of Miracles!!!

Jai decided one day to just tough out the tantrum of Lizzie and her big bed. He said the screaming lasted about 15 minutes and then there was quiet. When he went in to wake her up a few hours later he found she had fallen asleep on the floor. So we decided to brave out the night with the screaming and crying and miracle of miracles it only lasted two minutes. When we went to check on her an hour and a half later she had crawled back into bed and fell asleep. On the second night she just laid down after prayer and was perfectly content to lay there as we said good night. We have had very few problems since. A few times she doesn't sleep during her naps and somehow she manages to fall out of bed about once a week (its only 12 inches but it is on hard wood floors :(
She also managed to loose her Binky during a Sunday nap time. Come that night we looked everywhere for it (she helped us, it was soooo cute) but after 5 minutes we couldn't find it and she was okay with going to bed without it. She has not questioned it since (it has been found and tossed since then) It is amazing how fast they grow up.

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