Saturday, April 4, 2009


These are the biggest Smarties I have ever seen.

Recently at work I have been known to open a few packs of the small ones. Line them up by color. And then eat them. My co-workers think I'm nuts but it appeases me. So Colleen found these in the store one day and had to give them to me. They are right next to a regular size pack. I haven't found the courage to eat them yet.

So how come when you have a toddler wiggling and elbowing you, your other child inside you decides to kick and elbow you too? Don't they know it hurts when just one is doing it let alone both from each side? You'd think they planned it or something.

So I know quite a few of you have seen the movie Twilight and love it, or at least like it. I have decided to come out in the open and just say this:

That was the WORST movie adaptation of a book I have EVER seen.

The whole time I was watching it (during lunch times at work mind you) I kept thinking to myself I could have written this better, or I could have done those special effects myself and made it look better. I usually don't have those thoughts come to me cause I usually just don't care. If you can convince me of another even worse movie adaptation of a book, please do so. I have been trying for weeks to figure one out, but I really can't.


kristi said...

i totally agree, about it being such a bad movie!! Bad adaptation, and they just make it seem like Edward is mad all the time. Matt didn't read the books, but watched the movie with me, and I was embarassed because it was such a bad movie adaptation. so, I agree.

The Pollock Family said...

I agree to a certain extent. I watch the movie like it is any other movie. I can't compare it to the book otherwise I'll hate it. It was VERY low budget!!

The Jeffs Family said...

Justin, who has not yet seen Twilight, says Eragon was one of the worst he can think of. I went in to the theater expecting the worse, so I was pleasantly surprised, although, my version of Edward was way hotter. #2 should be better.