Friday, July 24, 2009

Elizabeth Update

Lizzie just had her two year check-up today!!! She is doing great and growing normally. She is now up to 25 lbs (30%) 35 inches tall (65%) and her head is in the 93rd percentile!! The doctors visit was pretty traumatic for her (she cried the entire time) and she received one shot. It looks like we will have to make an appointment with an allergy specialist for her peanut/nut allergy. She had a pretty bad breakout last weekend and we don't even know what exactly she ate that she was allergic to. She loves to sing and request different movies to watch. She talks to mom and dad a whole lot but will be extremely quiet for everyone else. Her favorite thing to do is to use just the first letter of a word instead of the whole word. So B is for Blankie, bacon, bath, etc. You just have to know the context in which she is using the word to understand what she wants. She LOVES baby Charlotte and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. It really is amazing how much bigger she is now that she is a big sister. She has grown up soooo much!!

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