Friday, August 29, 2008

Craig & Kristy's Wedding

(Lizzie and Me)

Our trip to Utah went really well. Lizzie did really well on her first plane ride. She just whined a little about being on our laps, but over all it went better than I anticipated.

(Jai and Lizzie in the park)
On Friday after we landed in Salt Lake City we were able to visit a few friends while we were out there. We hung out with Emily, Julian, Issac, and Mateo for a few hours. I hope they move down to California so that we can hang out more. We also had dinner with Kristi, Liz, Brent, and Annabelle. I should have taken a picture of Lizzie and Annabelle sitting in high chairs and being sweet to each other, but I forgot. I wish our visits with everyone could have been longer.

(Craig and Kristy with our family)

(Kristy and Craig with the nieces and nephew)

On Saturday was wedding day. There was a brief scare Friday evening when we received the news that the bride and groom had forgotten to get the marriage license. After many phone calls they were able to get a hold of someone in charge of the Recorders office. He was able to find an employee that was nice enough to go into the office Saturday morning and issue the license to them. I don't think either side of the family will let them live it down. It really is something funny to think about.

(Kristy and Craig coming out of the temple - my sister-in-law Cassie is in the foreground)
Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast with Kristy's family and were able to mingle with them a little bit. I feel a little bad that because our family hardly sees each other that we just hung out and talked together and mingled very little.

(my nieces Hannah.......and......Corina)

The sealing was really beautiful. I love going to sealings because it reminds me of the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father. There was a nice elegant dinner afterwards at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Overall it was a very simple and beautiful wedding to attend. I really hope Kristy doesn't mind our crazy family! I guess she will find out.
(Todd and Michelle)
(Lizzie and Hannah playing, sort of)
(My bother Eric's family: Hannah, Corina, and his wife Cassie)
(Craig and Lizzie in front of the Salt Lake Temple)
(Lizzie with her grandpa)


The Jeffs Family said...

What a great trip to Utard! Glad they were able to get the license--scary! It was fun to see all the pics of your family. Where was Schwartz?!? :)

The Pollock Family said...

You were in Utah and you didn't tell us!! Well we are coming down to CA at the end of the month and we want to see you.

Mandy said...

Ah looks like fun. I can't believe how fast Lizzie is growing up! Christian says "hi" by the way and hopes to see you guys when we come down for Christmas.

Scott & Annedria said...

Hey Angela,
I was so excited to see your comment. I have thought about all of you guys often and wished I had keeped in touch better. So your little girl is so adorable. I am doing really well also. I live in AZ and have only been married for a little over a year, and LOVE it!! So much to catch up on. Hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog.

vigues said...

Lizzie is so cute! Sounds like a fabulous trip to Utah...hey, next time you're hear, give us a buzz!
Hey, and about the skinny kid thing--both mine were 2nd percentile from 6 or 9 months until they were 18 (in sheridan's case) months or 2. My doc is always, like, "they look healthy, they act normal, in this society it won't hurt them to be a little skinny". Not that it helps you find pants that will stay up and be long enough, but the less I stress about it, the better they eat and the more they "normalize" on the charts (after the year or so of being super skinny!). Good luck!