Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is not about our nephew Jackson, but about my bosses dog. We dog sat for them while they went on vacation a few weeks back. Jackson is still a puppy, just a little more grown than the little ones that you think about. At first Lizzie was a little scared and tried to tell him to sit (she was just trying to copy what we were telling him) then they became best buds. It was like having to watch two babies about the same age. They wanted each others toys (and would try to steal them from each other). They wanted each others food (Lizzie had her first taste of hard dog food, I think she liked it). While one was being disciplined for naughty behavior the other one would get into trouble. I think they knowingly tag teamed us so they could do stuff they normally would not get away with. There are two things that Jai and I took from the week of dog sitting. One is that I don't think I want to have twins...EVER. If a dog and one baby can do that to us imagine two babies. The second is that we are NOT getting a dog until all of our kids are at least age five and older. I never realized how hard it is to control them. Here are some pictures of Lizzie and Jackson having fun.

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The Jeffs Family said...

I tell Justin that when Bear dies we are not getting another dog until we are done having children and they are all potty trained. Dogs are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! Especially during the puppy/training stage!