Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fourth of July

So I am about a month late in really updating my blog. It has been a crazy crazy month.

So our little city of Moorpark has their firework display on the 3rd of July rather than the Fourth of July. We met Jai's family down at the park where they set them off at. Lizzie had a great time seeing her cousins and play with toys. The best park for Jai and myself is that she did not like the feel of the grass and would not crawl off the blankets (I think she has over come her phobia now) Then came the fireworks. Within 30 seconds Lizzie was screaming her head off in fear. All she wanted us to do was get away from there and go home. So we made our dramatic exit by packing up and leaving as fast as we could. At least we beat the foot traffic home.

So the next day we were at Jai's sisters house for a BBQ (This is on the 4th) because his Aunts were in town from New York and Texas. Lizzie had a good time eating and swimming with her cousins. Well came evening time and they started shooting off some fireworks in the backyard. So within 30 seconds of just seeing the lights Elizabeth starting getting scared and we made yet another dramatic exit with her. Now when ever she hears the bells at church she starts crying so loud. Its really funny but sad at the same time.

Some pictures of swimming fun.

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