Friday, February 1, 2008

6 months!!!!

Okay I have been trying this entire week to post and am finally able today. On Sunday Lizzie turned six months! We took a few pictures.

This is Elizabeth getting her hair done. It was the first time she didn't wiggle and complain a whole lot during the hair perfecting process.

After Church we had a baby shower for one of her aunts. It of course was during her nap time but too much was going on that she didn't want to sleep. She played with her second cousin Jacquline and cooed at everyone that walked by her.

By the end of the party she passed out from too much fun.

The next picture is one of my favorites. It was taken a few weeks ago. I had taken the pig tails out of her hair and she was sad and crying about it. It was soooo funny that we decided that we needed to take pictures of it. Once she realized we were taking pictures of her she tried to stop crying and this is the picture:

I will try to be better at posting blogs. I know funny things happen everyday, but its trying to find the time to get to the internet to tell you all about them that is a little hard for me. Soon she will have two more cousins and tons of pictures with them so there will be more I promise.


The Jeffs Family said...

We love Lizzie!!! I love the picture when you took out her pig tails! Soooo cute!

karajason said...

It's been so long since I have seen you. THis blog thing is fun (I'm a little new to the process.) Your little Lizzie is so cute! I don't update my blog very often, but I finally have new pics of my family, so come see us!

tyler and ali said...

Cute baby! Don't they grow up so amazingly fast? Next thing you know you'll have 14 and not know how Lizzie is getting ready for college!