Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Eight Days of Valentine

Okay it may sound a little lame, but I don't get to dress my baby every day. I always come home from work wondering what her daddy dressed her in today and it usually turns out to be the same few outfits that her dad LOVES. So for the week of Valentine's Day I was awarded the opportunity to pick out her outfits each day. In observence of the holiday they are all either pink or red.

Sunday: Lizzie awoke from a nap and was trying to wake up her daddy
Monday: I don't know what's up with her hair but its crazy
Tuesday: If anyone knows homestarrunner.com this onsie is from that web site
Wednesday: Not to much to say about this one
Thursday: Valentine's day and the day of her doctor's appt. The doctor said her body is in the 23rd percentile of children her age but her head is in the 98th percentile. I always knew she was a bobble head.
Friday: She wore this outfit for an hour. She had a slight fever from her shots the day before so I put this on just to take a picture
Saturday: She was sooo tired all day that this is the only good picture of her
Sunday: Nuff said


The Jeffs Family said...

She makes me smile! I just have to laugh out loud at the last picture. I still can't believe your a mom--it is sooo great!

Craig said...

Hey, i think i got her Thursday's outfit