Monday, February 11, 2008


For all those who know Melanie (Dance) Hallburg, I actually talked to her on Saturday. She is pregnant with her second boy (due March 12th) and is having a blast with Payton at the same time. Chad is almost halfway done with his four year program. Her parents have been called as English speaking Mission Presidents, but they do not know where they are going yet. Look in the Church News the next few months for more information. Not too much is different. Both of her brothers are married and do not have any kids yet. Two of her sisters are at BYU and little Emily is a Senior in High School (boy does time go by really fast) If anyone wants her number just email me and I will give it to you. Thought all would want to know since we hardly hear how she is doing.


The Jeffs Family said...

How can we get in touch with this mysterious Melanie?!? I tried emailing her, but no response so far. What email do you have for her? We've got to get her blogging!

Angelia & Jai said...

Kelli, it's one of the numbers that you gave me a few months back. I will email it to you in a few days. She says she only calls back on weekends and she doesn't have access to the internet. I don't think we will see a blog from Mel in a looonnngg time!


Wow you got in touch with Mel! I'm shocked! I would love to chat with her.