Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Glory of it all

Okay, so I haven't updated the blog on what has happened with Aaron's wrist rest. Apparently its nickname is The Glory. Well he did not easily find our Ransom note. We had to have Jai leave an anonymous message on his work phone. He finally found it on Friday and some how figured out it was down at the SV office. It might have been the keyboard, we didn't realize that we had the only one that looked like it. Of course we never admitted to have The Glory, but it was getting pretty tense there. On Monday we received a note with a large bag of M&M's. It read (spelling and grammatical errors have not been corrected and the victim's last name has been omitted due to privacy issues):

Dearest Evil Kidnappers,

Elvo request more time to be given to your demands. Elvo has recentely suffered a tragic accident with a pepsi can, some pyrotechnics and sheep. His hair has been badly damages and request some extra time so he can regrow his proper pompadore. I have included the bag of M&M's and hope this will be sufficient to keep my treasured possession safe until I hear your response.

Thank you

Aaron Cxxxxx

So that night I wrote a draft of our response letter. It read:


Rather than demanding video proof of Elvo's unfortunate accident, we believe you deserve a little break. We will give Elvo until Easter to recuperate and shoot the video (we have nothing against Elvo and wish him only the best on his journey to good health). In the mean time to show you our good will, we will let your treasured possession go, but not into your hands. We will let it roam free around California while tracking it with our own sophisticated GPS tracking system. Your loved one will not be captive anymore, but it will not be returned to you until ALL of our demands are met. We will let it contact you in the next few days, please check your mailbox or email to confirm its safety.

The Evilest of Kidnappers

So I sent it to the other three people in the office in on the joke to get their okay on the note. Then my manager Scott cracks and shows Aaron the email before it was completely ready (I was going to send it through a junk email account that I have) So now Aaron knows who exactly is in on the joke, but we still haven't cracked and admitted our guilt. We are going to continue and have The Glory start blogging about its adventures. In a few days you will have more info on where to find the blog and what happens next.

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