Saturday, December 4, 2010


So there are really too many milestones for a baby between 6 and 18 months.  If we listed them all we would bore you almost immediately.  So the only ones worth mentioning are learning to walk and then run, feeding ones self, and learning to milk everything for what its worth.  It is so fun to see a baby become a toddler and personalities emerge and develop.

Char is the happiest baby in the world, when you compare her with her sister.  And the grumpiest too.  She loves babies, little baby animals,  stuffed animals, and annoying Lizzie.  She knows how to make people laugh and just immediately love her.  I have never heard Jai's grandma laugh as much as when she is hanging out with Charlotte.

She is very sociable when not tired and thinks she is the cutest thing on this earth (which is actually true)  She gets violent when tired (examples are sporadic punches to the face and scratching during prayer time)  She has recently tried tickling others with mixed results (it does not go well when her nails are long)

We absolutely love having her in our family!!!

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