Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mom's and Dad's birthday's

So Jai and I were both born in November.  One year and 19 days apart.  I won't get more specific.

 So for my birthday I voted and had El Pollo Loco for dinner!!

 I absolutely LOVE their chicken tortilla soup.  Jai's fabulous birthday banner he made for me got broken by the printer!  So sad!!!  Lizzie was a little disappointed that I didn't have candles on my cake, but I think we used all of them up without knowing it.

For Jai's birthday he made his own dinner, it was a delicious Pallea dinner!! (I really am a terrible cook and we would have ended up eating Mac & Cheese or Spaghetti for dinner) but I made the pie!!!  Banana Cream with French Silk Chocolate and whipped cream (okay so Jai reminds me I made half of the pie, just the chocolate part...)  BUT the week before I asked Lizzie what we should do for daddy's birthday and she said he NEEDS to have a Star Wars birthday.  Well, not having a whole lot in the cash flow department this is what I got him:

That's right, we had Star Wars napkins at Jai's birthday.  Sometimes I rock it!!!

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