Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Nap Time Disaster

This summer we learned that if Lizzie and Charlotte were in the same room for nap time they never slept. To fix this situation Char would sleep in her crib in her room and Lizzie would sleep on our bed. One naptime Jai went in to check on how Lizzie's nap was going and didn't see her in the room but heard her in our bathroom. He goes in to see what she is up to and this was the result:

An extremely proud child!!!

That's right she painted her own fingernails and toenails.  Overall she did a good job.  She didn't mix the polishes and it only got on her fingers and toes and a little on her t-shirt.  The lesson we learned from this was to leave our door open while she naps.  She actually touches less when there is a possibility of us walking into the room at any time!

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