Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mile stones Lizzie has reached this year:
-Toilet Trained!!!! (with night time successes)
-Started Preschool
-Super tall
-Non stop chatter box
-Can almost write her name ("E is for Elizabeth")

Lizzie has grown a lot this year as well.  She is bossy to everyone she meets.  Has a temper tantrum about everything from opening the front door first to brushing her teeth.  She is sweet at times which makes up for the horribleness of the rest.  She loves to play practical jokes and tries to scare people (sometimes successfully)

She likes to "take orders" and pretend to bring you food.  We are very lucky that we can order anything we want!!  She loves to dress up and play princess.  Belle is her favorite one.  She makes up stories and tries to get you to believe them.  She plays nicely with Charlotte when Charlotte is not playing with the item she wants.

 To sum it all up she is a typical three year old drama queen.  I told my Aunt the other day that there is girl drama and then there is Lizzie drama.  Lizzie illustrated this perfectly an hour later by throwing a huge fit not wanting to leave my Aunt (Toni the Tiger)'s house.  We absolutely love our Lizzie-lou and hope that next year will not be as dramatic (by bringing the ferocious fours) as this year!!

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