Thursday, December 2, 2010

Newish Car

So if any of you were aware of my only other post this year we had car problems back in March.  Come to find out with Jai's car it cost more to try to diagnose the problems than the car was worth.  I guess with the plastic seats cracked and the stuffing bulging out, the speakers on the doors hanging by wires, the non-functional engine, and everything else messed up with the car it was time to trade in this car:

Well this is just a picture off the internet.  His car actually didn't have the side view mirror, the third and fourth doors, the sunroof, three hubcaps, the matching hood, and the unseen cup holders inside!!   (and no it does not snow here either)

Anyway, here is the new car we got!!!

That's right it is exactly like the old one just a year older, a different color, automatic transmission (so I can drive it) AND cup holders inside!!  That's right baby our non-existent soda WILL not spill ever again!

A few weeks later a stupid car had to go and hit Jai while he was driving in the car pool lane back from school.  Luckily no one was hurt (it was a hit and run) and the "new" car only received minor scratches.  The lazy highway patrolman was SO lazy he refused to write a report so nothing happened. 

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